Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, I have a background in the performing arts and dance. I had the experience of living in London 16 years where I’ve worked in Physical Theatre in the West End. Over the past 18 years, my journey has led me to study the practices of Kundalini yoga, dance, psychology and shamanism. I presently live in Copenhagen.

I’m a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and creator of Body Choir; an ecstatic movement meditation practice. I also facilitate holistic retreats throughout the UK, Europe, and South Africa. After the births of my two sons, I’ve also been inspired to follow the path of working and assisting mothers to be, as a qualified Doula, by promoting the benefits of natural home birthing.

My vibrant love for life has always been a driving force behind my work. I’ve been greatly inspired by Five Rhythms dance, contact improvisation, shamanism, tantra, Kundalini yoga and meditation practices.

My work is centered around recovering balance and trust within our bodies, reconnecting to our heart-centers as a source of inner power and wisdom.
My work looks at ways to awaken freedom within. I draw on elements from Emotional Freedom Technique, Vipassana meditation, Landmark Education, Non-Violent Communication and various shamanic tools.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve worked closely with many individuals on their path of healing and wellness. My clients enjoy my intuitive and compassionate approach, be it through dance, yoga, deep meditations, shamanic coaching and integration work.

In 2017 I published my first book titled An Open Relationship and released my first album of self-written songs titled Come Dance.

Your beliefs become your thoughts
Your thoughts become your words
Your words become your actions
Your actions become your habits
Your habits become your values
Your values become your destiny

– Gandi

Black and white portrait of Samantha

I’ve had the pleasure of attending several healing sessions with Samantha. She creates a unique space that is safe, comfortable, personal, and optimised for deep healing. Masterfully combining elements of many spiritual traditions, Sam is a truly special collaborator for a person’s spiritual journey. I feel so blessed to have had these experiences with her.


You really are something so special and beautiful Sam. The space that you held for all of us was warm, kind and deeply nurturing, which allowed us to journey in our own unique way, feeling so very safe. The music was out of this world.