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Morocco, the Hammam and Mosques

Adventures, Personal Transformation|

As I leave Morocco, I am left with a big footprint of something remembered and profound insights gained. The Moroccan landscape reminds me of my African roots. The colour of the rich red soil is ladened with age, struggle, hard [...]

The Rythmia Way or the Highway

Adventures, Deep Meditation Retreats, Personal Transformation|

It’s been a long journey to get here. The last three months have been a wild ride, like a million marathons in my body, mind, and spirit. I spent some weeks in Cape Town running my retreat, looking after my [...]

Constructive Interference

Communication & Relationships, Constructive Interference, Personal Transformation|

You don’t see it coming; but when it does arrive, the whole plan of your life is altered. As your trajectory changes course, you find yourself propelled forward with all your senses sharpened. Looking back, you can see what’s brought [...]

Spiritual Transmitted Disease

Personal Transformation, Woman's Circles|

It’s been over a year since I wrote my first blog about women’s gifting circles. After leaving these circles, I’ve been fascinated to see how much they still linger around me; I’ve witnessed how they’ve caught some dear friends of [...]

50 Shades of Grey

Personal Transformation|

The past few months have felt like a deep winter hole full of the most horrible little mind monsters one could ask for. I had a hoped I would write about something more cheerful, something with passion or inspired with [...]

Integration, Expectation and Meditation

Adventures, Deep Meditation Retreats, Personal Transformation|

This time of the year conjures up a lot for many people - as we reflect on the past year and see what has worked and what we wish to leave behind.  For me, 2017 has been a year of [...]

Secrets, Lies and Expectations

Personal Transformation|

Where do I begin to write this piece of the puzzle? Over the past few months I’ve found myself grappling with another layer of honesty: holding other people’s secrets.  Though not invited from my end, my most nearest and dearest [...]

Making Space

Adventures, Parenting, Personal Transformation|

It’s been three months since I landed in this magical Kingdom. With all the changes that have taken place, it’s often hard to recognise the person you once were before the shifts. It’s why I wanted to share these changes [...]

The Space of Now and Her Shadows

Astrology, Parenting, Personal Transformation|

As I speak to people and hear their stories, the general theme leading to this particular Eclipse has been one of anxiety – a feeling of being overwhelmed – with a magnifying glass being pushed against each and every fine [...]

Change: Open Your Arms and Surrender

Adventures, Personal Transformation|

I knew this move to Copenhagen would be a huge investment. I knew it would stir within me old patterns, echoing something so familiar yet new. My arrival has been a kaleidoscope of new images, sounds, smells, tastes and, most [...]

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