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Blessings beautiful women,
After many requests, we are so excited to invite you to this Women’s Retreat in Sweden from 19 – 25th June during the powerful Summer Solstice.

We will be healing our wombs and dive deep into the wisdom of the divine feminine with teachings from the Forest.

The basic guidelines are: 2 weeks before the retreat

  • NO red/heavy meats (pork, beef, sheep, tuna, eel etc.) – week before and after the retreat
  • NO strong alcohol, beer, wine – 1 week before and after the retreat
  • NO hot food, red pepper, etc. – 2 days before
  • NO fermented food, pickles, herring, anchovies, old cheese, etc. – 1 day before and after the retreat
  • Moderate consumption of salt and sugar/honey – 3 days before and after the retreat

NB – If anyone is on any anti-depressants or anxiety medicine please contact us when making your booking.
NB – If you are pregnant or have any medical conditions please contact us when making your booking.


Additional Info:

  • We will be sitting on yoga chairs so please remember to bring additional cushions/blankets should you require more comfort.
  • The food will be highly-nutritious, high-vibrational and prepared to complement the work that we are doing. Please note we will be including intermittent fasts during this retreat.
  • It is springtime so also please bring warm, layered clothing. There are lakes so please also bring swimwear.
  • There is a dress code for the ceremonies. Please wear white for the two evening ceremonies and bring along extra comfortable clothes for the daytime ceremonies.


Early Bird: If you make payment before March 19th – DKK 9.333
(Deposit of DKK 3.000 is required if you would like a payment plan.)
Investment after March 19th – DKK 9.999
(If you make one single payment, the price is DKK 9.666. after March 19th.)
We offer payment plans. Please contact us about these.

Price Includes: Accommodation, highly nutritious, plant-based foods and writing materials.
Price Excludes: Transfer to/from the location. Travel/Health insurance.

Payment Details:
Paypal: samantha@samantha-claire.com
(Please make sure you pay the additional money transfer fees if you are paying in a foreign currency.)
Mobilepay: 28181840

* Spaces are limited so please reserve your space with deposit if you feel the calling. Due to the popularity of this longer retreat (7 days / 6 nights), spaces are being booked quickly.

* If it is your first time working with us in this way please contact us to fill out the questionnaire.



Women's retreat, Sweden