This time of the year conjures up a lot for many people – as we reflect on the past year and see what has worked and what we wish to leave behind.  For me, 2017 has been a year of deep open-heart surgery on all levels. I have had the privilege to birth two projects – my book and my album – each of which represents lifetimes of work, dedication and patience.

Each birth has, in turn, left me naked in the arms of vulnerability and grace. I’ve had the pleasure of travel, where I’ve been able to share the beauty of my work. I’ve also witnessed the magic of the creative community in South Africa, where my heart will forever lie nestled in her cavity. At the same time, I’ve had the huge task of packing my life into boxes and moving to Copenhagen to start a new chapter, which continues to bear the fruits of positivity and wonder.

I’ve tasted the sweetness of love through all seasons. As I do, my heart expands into reverence and joy as my soul knows she has found her match for this lifetime. This incredible dance of love, between me and my thunderbolt, continues to surprise and arouse my body, mind and spirit.

There have been such strong journeys over the past year for those I’m close to in my life, and those that grace our social media screens. I’ve touched such lows of self and kissed such moments of bliss that I have come to accept that joy and pain can live side by side.

With the great honour of being mother to two remarkable boys, I have been able to ride the highs and lows as they have embraced change and a new language with such ease, courage and determination.

And I am proud of me – for embracing change and all that has come my way over the past year. As I mark the end of one cycle and embrace another, I feel different about how I want to break free from old patterns and have chosen to focus on three things:

  • Integration – I truly wish to bring fusion and focus into 2018 and allow all the deep catalysts of change to knit together and create a new tapestry of understanding and wisdom.
  • Expectations – I wish to explore deeper my dance with Expectations and how I use them to share my truth about how I feel in all areas of my life. I want to let go of the judgements and expectations that keep me from flowing in ease in my life. I also wish to be more present as a mother.
  • Meditation – May I find the space to weave meditation into all areas of my life. As I’ve felt it slip in my everyday life, I look forward to weaving it back in and building a strong framework for discipline, alignment and structure.


Thank you to all the special people I have met this year and the extraordinary stories we have shared, and unravelled together and alone. I left with one word that keep my heart open and hope bursting from the seams – Gratitude.