Singing & Writing

Samantha smiling and playing guitar


Come Dance

Samantha has always had a love for music. Borrowing from various traditional medicine music communities across the world, as well as writing her own original songs, Samantha is a conduit of music that is honest, loving, and healing for all audiences. She feels a strong call to play these her songs that she believes are deeply needed for our current, ever-changing times.

‘Come Dance’ is Samantha Claire’s first album released in 2017 and it features 7 of her own original songs.

This project is very dear to my heart. I am reaching out to all who feel called to support the pre sale and recording of my second album called ‘ Queen in the Diamond Sky ‘. This next album weaves the tales that life has shown me as well and being deeply impacted by the passing of my mother.
Come Dance song quote by Samantha Claire

Each moment is filled with the magic truth of love; this can transform us, heal the planet and bring peace to the world.
– Samantha Claire



An Open Relationship

This book has been close to my heart for many years and only now do I have courage to share my story.

An Open Relationship is a personal journey of sexual healing, freedom from past traumas, religious and cultural conditioning that keeps us from our truth. It focuses on what it means to be in an open relationship and still be in integrity with others and ourselves. It’s a journey through my life from diary journal entries, to religious and educational insights, spiritual awakenings and the wisdom of freedom that lies within each of us.

“I never anticipated how much positive and constructive introspection would ensue from my reading An Open Relationship. My own open relationship has started with myself. Thank you, Samantha.”
– Simon Jay, Journalist

An Open Relationship book by Samantha Claire


Your songs and your energy were very special – much appreciated!


Really wanted to send how grateful my soul is for meeting you and experiencing your tenderness and grace. You have touched the deepest fabric of my being. Your music has also ignited so much passion inside my soul and I have been playing my guitar so much because of YOU!