Deep Meditation

Deep Meditation retreats offer profound insights and healing which can assist in releasing of old belief patterns and traumas. These meditation sessions offer great opportunities for personal enquiry, healing and restoring connection between our inner masculine and feminine selves. Samantha’s approach is shamanic and she works with healing modalities from the Amazon.

meditation dome in sweden

Upcoming Retreats

Deep Meditation Retreat

25 – 28th January 2024

Retreats include

Deep Meditation Ceremonies
Yoga and dance
Sound healing
Working in nature with the 4 elements
Fire ceremony
Integration work
High-quality organic food

Table at Samantha's retreat with beautiful, healthy food


deep meditation ceremony space
blue butterfly retreat centre tulbagh
Despacho ceremony
altar for ceremony
blue butterfly retreat centre tulbagh
moen denmark
retreat centre in moen denmark
samantha claire singing during a deep meditation
zebra in tulbagh
The Amazon river
Samantha in the Amazon Rainforest
Samantha holding a giant monkey tree frog
retreat in Peru
Samantha in the Amazon
Black and white photo of Samantha playing guitar


The deep meditation retreat was a deeply profound and spiritual cleanse to open up all your senses. Samantha is a magical guide with big knowledge and understanding. The whole atmosphere was very beautiful with amazing healing meditation, music, food and I’m grateful for the journey. I would definitely recommend anyone to join a retreat lead by Samantha. I was there to assist with the wholesome, organic plant-based food, and the whole venue was so beautifully done. The retreat team was amazing and very creative. It felt like home and you are truly supported on your journey. Much love and gratitude.


Samantha was quite brilliant in many amazing ways. She gave me guidance and support during the deep meditation. She truly knows what she’s are doing and it was during one of her retreats that I discovered the truly divine being I am. I’m eternally grateful to Samantha for her work.


I just wanted to thank you again for such a life-changing experience last weekend! It was such a pleasure to meet you and I cannot express how much better my life is even just a week after the ceremony. Everything has just fallen into place and I could not be happier!


Thank you for everything. There were numerous occasions when a particular angel in white would swoop down and minister specifically what was needed, whether it was a song or the spiral rattle, a puff of Sage or refreshing incense – I recall you actually being in the middle of a song but you were right there by my side with so much motherly nurturing energy.


The retreat with you at Blue Butterfly was life changing for me and has set me back on the right path. I cannot thank you enough for your gorgeousness and love. I look so forward to connecting with you again.